Easter weekend

Soon we are off to set up at Joseph’s church, where we will show “the Jesus movie for children”. Personally I love the one and a half hour version better then the adult version. It will be in the Kreyol language. All ages in the Sous Savanne area are invited. No idea how many will come as other churches have gatherings as well. Yet we felt we had give the opportunity for people to come and hear/see the Jesus story this weekend. Have an amazing “resurrection day” tomorrow.


Maandag morgen – vervolg

Laat vrijdag/vroeg zaterdag schreven wij over een van de families in het dorp, die momenteel door een moeilijke tijd gaan. Besloten was dat Hope Force een Hope Shelter voor hen zou bouwen. Wat zijn wij dankbaar voor onze lokale crew en anderen die dit weekend geholpen hebben, Het project is bijna klaar en hopelijk kan men morgen intrekken. De situatie van de man is onveranderd en dat maakt ons verdrietig. Door de Hope Shelter aan te kunnen bieden, hopen wij dat het het leven van de familie ietsje makkelijker maakt. Dank je wel dat je ons in dit alles volgt.


Monday morning follow-up

As we wrote early this weekend, we started to help a family struggling, here some photos of the project. So grateful for the men in the village to help out and the “Haitian crew” who know the project because they normally work with us.  The Hope Shelter is almost done and we hope the family can use the place as of tomorrow. The health situation of the gentleman has not changed, for that we are sad. Thank you for following us in this part of village/community living…

Weekend …

This weekend is yet again different then other weekends, with one of the families in our village community struggling, we have started the building of a shelter to make live for the very ill father of the family a little easier. Grateful for our local Haitian guy, stepping up to the task.
Rene and Joseph transported the wood and cement needed and then had to go and buy roofing sheets. Grateful for our truck which allows us to get all the supplies were they need to go.