Words in action Mexico response…

Disasters are just that… a disaster! However in the midst of it all you can be used to be His hands, His feet, His comfort and His love. 

Not speaking the language and understanding a little has been one of my challenges during this deployment. 

However opening my arms and let a woman cry and cry and cry some more was a moment I won’t forget. 

Or after the 6.1 earthquake on Saturday that rushed all of us out of the places we stayed in and find the local people scared and fearful on the plaza. What to do?

Being Dutch all I could think about was… buy cups of coffee and cookies and hand those out. 

The many tremors since then, sleeping in tents, meeting an amazing young pastor and his wife, who lost everything and yet they cooked for 75-90 people each day as many houses in their community went down or are standing but need to come down. 

Coming to the end of this deployment I’m grateful for amazing Mexican Hope Force reservist!

One thought on “Words in action Mexico response…

  1. Miriam

    Een schouder om op uit te huilen voor de vrouw met verdriet…mensen koffie brengen…het zijn de kleine gebaren die zoveel kunnen betekenen voor mensen in nood…in verdriet. Wat mooi dat jij daar mocht zijn en mocht helpen. Ondanks al het verdriet, angst en ellendige situatie’s….wat mooi dat je dát deed voor hen, met Zijn liefde en kracht!

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