Marianne on her way 

September 16, 2017,Dear friends

Greetings from Haiti, we are so grateful hurricane Irma did not “visit” us.At the same time our hearts and prayers are for the other islands, St. Maarten, Cuba and so on and Houston and Florida.

Because Hope Force International, the organization we work with is a disaster relief organization, they already have teams in place in Houston TX and in Florida. As HFI has been establishing Hope Force Mexico, I will be traveling today to Mexico and the below message was sent out by our office.

Please pray for our Mexico Hope Force International medical/relief Reservists who are preparing to serve in earthquake-stricken state of Chiapas — bringing badly needed supplies and healthcare. A collaboration between Hope Force Haiti and HFI Mexico will take place when HFI Haiti Coordinator and nurse, Marianne Lako, will join them to help lead the clinic. Marianne’s vast experience in medical relief efforts — including the HFI medical response in the aftermath of Nepal’s devastating earthquake — will be an asset to our team’s efforts.

We are grateful for you to stand with us and around us.

There are times you don’t know how to respond … you might not be able to go … however because of your partnership with us, your prayers, your giving you are helping. THANK YOU!

Will you please pray for us in the next two and a half weeks?

Getting a ticket out of Haiti was a challenge due to some of the East Coast airports still being closed. However I will fly out today. In two hours time Rene will drive me to Port au Prince and via Atlanta and Houston I will arrive in Mexico City tomorrow morning. On Monday morning we will get in a car and drive 10 plus hours to the earthquake area.

Please join us in prayer for:

* Rene and all the work in Haiti

* For my Mexican coworkers and myself to have inside in the situation and being able to reach out with a heart of compassion and Gods love

* For health and safety

* For all the disaster responders both in the Caribbean as well as the USA 

* For the survivors that in the midst of this storm in their lives they will feel comforted and loved

We can’t do it alone and are thankful you are our friends, our partners our prayer warriors.

In Him,

Rene and Marianne

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