Just wondering…

Today we see the 5th and 6th graders. THANK YOU sponsors!

On another note … I am just wondering who really reads our post?

Is it worth it to continue to write here …

Please leave a comment on our blog site … not just on FB.

Have a splendid day 🙂

9 thoughts on “Just wondering…

  1. Karen Neumeyer

    I enjoy reading your posts! Makes me feel like I’m keeping up with the my community in Haiti while at home. Thank you for taking the time to share 🙂

  2. Terri McCormick

    Yes, Marianne, you know that I read your posts! I’m sorry that I don’t comment, but I will do that now that you asked! By the way, I do like your new car!

  3. Ken Erickson

    I don’t know if I ever told you, but when I went there in January 2003 and I saw all the church-logo T-shirts on the airplane and in contrast saw all the poverty and misery I was ashamed that so much money was getting dumped into the black hole of Haiti and STILL it was and is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

    Please keep up your smiles and running and encouraging a new heart for their country and people. Someday it will change. And it already has changed where you are.

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