When time flies…

It is hard to believe we are already almost half way through the month of July… What happened? We have hosted different teams and seen a lot of activity taking place in Sous Savanne, Goula, Babay and the bible club in Marechal.  Please read to the end …

The first ever women VBS …Thank you Grace Chapel TN.

with anywhere from 95 – 102 women attending. What a joy to see the ladies engaging in the different testimonies, watching “Magdalena” and singing and crafts together. While the women had their special mornings, the teens/young women were looked after in the afternoon and at the same time E3 challenge took place at different locations.

A church from Cheyenne  WY – painting two Houses of Hope and so much more…

They came with 11 teenagers and 4 staff. Besides the different activities they played soccer against the local soccer team …  Go WY teenagers. We will not talk about the scores… Waiting for a rematch next year :).

The privilege of hosting some sponsors from the Child Sponsorship Program

a great week seeing the sponsors interacting with the caregiver as well as the child involved. We also scheduled a “fun” afternoon with all the kids 4 and 5 yrs old in the CSP program. What a joy to share songs, a bible story, arts and crafts, of course candy and a smile on their faces when they walked out with a bag full of goodies. As one of them said: “My sponsored child is no longer just a picture on my fridge – I now have a relationship”.

West Gate GA – fifth visit … fifth VBS…

For the kids in Haiti the summer vacation has started and we were blessed for the fifth year in a row with a team who are very much loved by young and old in not only Sous Savanne, the VBS is a huge hit for all the kids. The teens conference appreciated by the young people and ALL are looking forward to next year. Not to mention the three amigos who this time around screened in our porch. THANK YOU! I love my early morning coffee on the veranda.

One of the highlight of a 5 or 6 year old in Haiti is graduation from Kindergarten…

When we see them all dressed up in their special outfits and cap and gown, we are reminded again that those kids are survivors… they made it through the first five or six years of their lives and their graduation at this age is a bigger celebration then their high school graduation. The CSP program gives opportunity for children to go to school. Check it out at www.hopeforce.org


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