April 6 2016 

The last few weeks have flown by. Marianne has traveled to Nepal and back and it was a very special time to reconnect with the people of “The Apple of Gods Eyes Ministry”. After arriving in Kathmandu it was a 5 1/2 hour drive to the farm, which is a safe house for children and teenagers rescued from trafficking , the mision had lost everything during the 2015 earthquake. It was a privilege to help with the rebuilding as well as provide medical clinics to the villages in the area.

 As photos say more then a thousand words, here we go.

Rene continued in Sous Savanne and we are excited with what is happening there, small baby steps forward.
And Hot from the Lako press. The whole Lako family will be together in the Netherlands for their family reunion. The way this all came about is amazing and we are so grateful.

At Easter Monday our grandkids in the Netherlands and USA met each other for the first time… 
And this coming weekend we will all the together, it has been five and a half years since we enjoyed all our kids and their families in one place., believe us, we will celebrate!

More photos to come…
With hearts overflowing with thanksgiving, till next time
 Marianne en Rene

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