Run 4 Haiti – Rebuilding ECCA school – We can not do it alone.


Haïti, March 2016

We love running and we “Run 4 Haiti” to raise funds for Hope Force (HFI) projects. Last year we ran for one of our “Houses of Hope”. This year we run to raise money to rebuild the ECCA School, about 2 miles from where we live. Several of our HFI sponsored children go to this school. We love the school’s motto: “Educate to serve – God and our community”.

Last year we were able to purchase land for the new school (Phase I). The school will consist of three structures with a total of ten classrooms. In the current Phase II we have installed a well, fencing and dug the first foundation. We need $ 13,000 per classroom and every amount helps towards the goal.

How does it work to sponsor our 15 k in Jacksonville, Florida?

We are running a 15 k or 9.32 miles race at the Jacksonville River Run, you can sponsor us for any amount you would like to contribute. Or you could think of one dollar, five dollars or ten dollars per km, or any other amount (1 mile is 1.62 k). You can sponsor one of us or both of us and double the amount…

To sponsor you can use the HFI web site which has a donation page with Network for Good. Please make sure you designate for ECCA school building and “Run4Haiti”… see link below.

We can not rebuild the school alone…

We can run alone, but its better to run together – we need partners, supporters and this way, we can run the race together. More events may be following later in the year.

Link to donate for Run4Haiti ECCA School: Run 4 Haiti donate for ECCA School

More info about the building project click here


Prayer points

Our health
Rebuilding ECCA school
The political and security situation in Haiti
Marianne’s upcoming trip to Nepal, more to come
Until next time,  Rene and Marianne



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