5 more days till Christmas…

Soon, people across the world will be celebrating one of our most significant holidays, Christmas, standing still by the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. What a gift.

IMG_4070[1].JPGSharing Christmas with the children in the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) was a special time, they showed up in their Sunday best and their parent/caretaker accompanied them. What a great opportunity to share with the kids Jesus THE Reason for the season, singing songs, presenting the birth of Jesus from the Bible and acting out the “Jesus Christmas Party” from the innkeeper’s perspective. They enjoyed candy, popcorn, a drink and going home with a bag full of presents and their monthly food supply.

IMG_4067Besides a personalized present, this year we were able to purchase solar lights with a solar panel, phone charger and radio, all in one. Each family in the CSP program received a lantern. Symbolizing the Season of LIGHT, “Jesus Christ being the light of the world”.

As fun as the Christmas celebration was, my special moments were the next day, while walking through the village many of the kids were playing with their new toys and big smiles were on many faces.

IMG_4063[1].JPGAt the same time we are grateful for each one of you and the part you play in our lives. We cannot continue to live and work here in Haiti without people like you surrounding us with prayer and support.


We feel loved and blessed.

With Christmas only days away, we want to wish you many special moments during this special season.

Drop us a line, we love to hear from you

Rene and Marianne


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