Falling down and getting up, the story of my life…

Besides that this period has many birthdays for the extended Lako family we have entered December  and will be celebrating “Life and Light”.

However before I get to Christmas … lets talk about some “running lessons I’ve gone through lately. Running for me, Marianne, has the consequence of “hitting the ground on a regular bases.  No this is not because of “old” age, but has more to do with the road conditions. (Read – trails instead of roads)…  If only I did not like running …

When there was another “touch down” last week, I had to make a decision… getting up and going home, or getting up and keep going… I choose… keep going, with Rene covering my back. Yet the rest of the run I was pondering the reality of falling down and getting up again…

If we are honest, each one of us has moments of “falling down and getting up”. In our walk with Christ this is even more a reality. Im so grateful to know I do not need to do this on my own.


Yet, if I am honest, how often am I trying to fix it myself?  Because it feels good, because my pride gets in the way to ask for help? How often do I really live out, love your neighbor as yourself?… Ouch… I realize that at times I do not really love myself that much.

We have started the month of December… the month of remembering/celebrating Gods gift to us… not because we deserved it, but because He loves us.

That’s on my mind these days and that is how I want to celebrate this Christmas season…. Love, unconditional, not because I have to… but because I want to.

So whenever I fall down, I will choose to get up again and start all over. What do you choose?

Wishing each one of you a wonderful month of December.

Rene en Marianne

Onze alternatieve “ikea” boom

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