Second round for Haiti on December 27 and Sierra Leone EBOLA free!

The results are announced and the country will need to go back to their voting stations on December 27th. So far it has been rather quite in the areas we live and work, in PaP there are some demonstrations and in other parts of Haiti there is more unrest. Please continue to pray for the peace of this nation. Rene is at the airport welcoming a medical team of 15, most of them are Hope Force Reservist, we are looking at a great week in and around Sous Savanne. check it out
Last night we got a message from Sandra and this morning it was officially announced that Sierra Leone is EBOLA free. We are so grateful. It has been a long road; many have lost, family, friends, colleagues and patients, yet after reflecting on the last 17 months, there is now a time of celebration and we celebrate with Sweet Salone … a country that always will have a part of our heart, not only because Sandra lives there, but because of the amazing people we got to know there.

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