Lako’s in the Netherlands after some busy travel weeks; flown 10,000 miles and driven 2,849

moving the family from TX to WA

Never a dull moment in our lives. Once we found out Stefan and Genae where moving from Van TX to Seattle WA and we wanted to be sure to see them and the grandkids this summer we offered to help them with the move :). Little did we know.

We left Haiti for our staff meeting in War WV and loved being introduced to the amazing work our coworkers do there. If you are not familiar with it check it out on the website.

After War WV we went to Van TX and spent one night before we started our road trip. In total we drove 2474.8 miles through 7 states (not counting our Nashville TN to Wart WV trip), in one week. The first part Rene and I drove in the moving truck pulling the little car. From Denver CO onwards I drove with Genae and the kids in the van and we had many hours of driving time together. The kids did amazingly well (having a DVD player in the car made it easier, Dora will be forever in my memory).

While in Colorado we celebrated Titus second birthday.

Titus 2nd birthday

After all the miles on the road it was great fun to have a day in Seattle and see the area where the kids will be living. A beach, Finley and Titus had never been at the beach before and visiting Porter’s school. Special moments.

Porter at the beach WAFinley at the beach WATitus at the beach WA

Now we are in the Netherlands, 6 days and some flights later (I have only flown 10,353 miles in the last few weeks), enjoying time with our other grandkids. What fun we had to take them on Wednesday and enjoy indoor swimming. The weather has been so so, lots of rain since I arrived but our hearts are full spending time with our family. Now if only at some point in time and ideally not to far in the future we could have all our kids together in one place to enjoy some all together time, that would just be wonderful.

dagje uit 2015

Till next time

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