Down time … what does that look like?


Some busy weeks behind us. Special times with the children and teens and a meeting with all caretakers/moms and children in the program. All the primary schools are paid for and most of high schools as well, the school books are ordered and Joseph will be able to hand them out.  New back packs with school supplies given. We had many lists to work with and now we are ready to have some “down time”…

What does that look like? See our schedule below. However it wil be time away from Haiti and time for recharging for our next adventures here. One thing we are looking forward to is trying to get some  running on the beach close by our home town and who knows … run a 1/2 marathon on August 29

Augustus 7: we fly to Nashville, TN
August 11-13: Hope Force Staff get together in War, WV
August 14: we fly to Tyler/Van, TX
August 15-22: help Stefan and family move to Seattle, WA. Where he will start a new job
August 23: fly to Amsterdam, the Netherlands
August 30: “Meet & Greet” at our church in the Netherlands
September 8-10: France – Haiti presentation in local church
September 15/16: Back to Haiti

We will try to write our blog at times as well as post some on Facebook yet we will also take some time off social media.

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