Days flown by and yet so much more to do…

Back Pack Time
Back Pack Time


The last few days were filled with a VBS in the morning for 6-12 year olds and a teens get together in the afternoons. We had a full house with 80 plus kids in the mornings and about 40-45 teens in the afternoon. One thing I love of about these activities is to see the kids challenged with the word of God and at the same time see them having fun. Playing games, laughing, interacting.

At the same time, Rene and I are trying to get ready for our trip and today will be filled again with visiting local schools and pay some school bills. The kids in the child sponsorship program (CSP) received their back packs with needed school supplies, now the daunting task to “find” the needed school books. Sometimes this means going from small vendor to small vendor to find them. Grateful for Joseph who helps us tremendously with this.

If you are interested in the CSP program, check us out online, we have 20 kids on the waitlist and at least another 20 who would want to be on the list :). Β

Have a wonderful day, make it a great one.

Marianne and Rene

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