What a night… and it was not even the weekend…

Drums beating, loud “brassband-like” music, lots of noises and voices. No idea if it was right outside our wall or a bit further… If there were twenty or a hundred people. All I know is that it was loud and I did not like it at all. Good to know that we are safe and secure in the One and only.  Regularly we realize that we live in a culture that is not our own and some things we will never understand.


… it needs to take months to get the right paperwork for the car registration?

… it takes until August for kids to find out if they passed the school year?

… many people do not know if they will have a meal today?

… it takes me/us forever to learn the language?

You see there are lots of why’s .. the other side though is … We know that we are where we believe we should be.


… we have peace in our hearts, even during the nerve wrecking sounds of the night.

… the people in the village are no longer “strangers’ – they are people with a story, a name.

… we can help the one person, like mother Teresa would say “if you can not feed one hundred, feed one”.

… the God we serve cares for the people of this land, better yet loves the people of this land.

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