Rainy season… the rains are here … or is it, rain is here?

Sous Savanne running
Sous Savanne running

The rainy season officially starts sometime in April and takes us through October. So far this year it has been very calm and dry. The river is almost totally without water. The farmers are a little concerned about their crops and we… Well we don’t mind the rain but it does highly influence our running. Most if not all the running routes we take are dirt roads and when the rains come down it becomes muddy. Ever since I’ve been a young child playing with mud never attracted me. When “running friends” try to convince me that a 10km “mud run” is fun, I let them have all the fun they want to have. It’s not even a temptation… Yet with running being one of my stress releases, I hope the rains give the earth the water needed for the crops and then let me enjoy a run in the early morning sun.

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