Haiti – Nepal – USA – Netherlands and Africa


Why so many thoughts in my head. At times I wish I could spend a couple of hours a day in each one of my worlds. I would love to be able to share my Nepal experience in person with our kids and grandkids. The days are too short to add in some visits with very close friends but if I could ad a couple more hours at each location you are included :).

What would that day look like?

Hmmm let me think about this…

* An early morning run with Rene in Haiti with a cup of coffee/tea on the porch
* Lunch with Stefan, Genae and the kids in the USA
* Afternoon tea and chat time with Jacco, Mariska and the girls
* Early evening walk in Lumley beach with Sandra …

Dreaming… maybe I should go back to bed, let the dreaming begin and not wake up till the dream unfold itself.

What do you think?

Getting water
Getting water

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