Made it from Haiti to Nashville – Sorting out supplies, last minut details and we are on our way to Nepal


Yesterday was the first travel day, with more to come this week. Rene dropped me off at the airport and is in Haiti taking care of our work there.  I am in Nashville TN for one day. Last minut details to sort out, packing of supplies etc.  Leaving Haiti and reflecting on the days ahead I was for a moment wondering “what am I doing?”. Yet the small voice and peace coming over me after the original thought made it all clear again. “I am doing His will. Helping those, who at the moment, can not help themselves”.

As Hope Force International’s medical response team is deploying to Kathmandu, Nepal. We will be working with a trusted partner on the ground, who is already assessing and visiting remote mountain villages to determine scope of need.

My responsibility will be to direct the medical clinic.

Team members will include a Disaster Management specialist, Hope Force International’s Senior Chaplain, nurses, logistics personnel and a physician. Our team is prepared to set up a medical clinic, coordinate with other partners in Kathmandu and pave the way for teams to follow in the coming weeks.

Reports from Kathmandu indicate growing totals for loss of life and injuries. Concerns are rising over the condition of the main airport. Serious cracks in the runway forced cancellation of any cargo plane arrivals. Supply chains continue to prove challenging.

Prayers for our safety traveling and once on the ground are appreciated. Leaving a nation still struggling to get over their devastating earthquake from five years ago to help where it has been less then two weeks can be overwhelming. Good to know we are not going on our own and for ourselves. May God be glorified in all we do.


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