Medical clinic in Sous Savanne and Marechal

We picked up a team of 5 from the airport and they had a real baptism in Haiti traffic. It had been raining a lot the day before and one of the “hot spots” developed a major traffic jam. Rene had gone out to meet the team at the airport, yet he never made it there and after rearranging he was able to meet up with the team on their way to the guesthouse. Rene was gone for 7 hours. It took the team over 4 hours from the airport to the guesthouse. Needless to say they were happy when they reached their home for the week to come.

During the four clinic days we saw 399 patients,  of which 125 children and the rest adults. Especially some of the children were very sick and we would follow up with house calls after the clinic day was over. How great to see that in many situations the little ones seemed to be doing a bit better after their first doses of paracetamol/tylenol and/or antibiotics.


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