From Haiti to Texas to The Netherlands

We are miles away from Haiti, a nation we call home. Even during our time of rest and special moments with family, friends and church family, Haiti is always part of us. During these weeks we realize once again how fortunate we are in the West with so many conveniences at our finger tips. Biking to the supermarket and all the choices to choose from. Clean and more then enough water at any given time, even the choice between cold or hot water 🙂  Electricity 24/7.  Good medical and dental facilities and so much more. Things so normal here yet so not normal in our village of Sous Savanne and many parts of the world. In about 3 weeks we will be back  in Haiti and moving into the neighborhood. So grateful for the Haiti Hope Force House, which is almost ready.  Yes we still need some finances, yes there is still work that needs to be done and yes we will need to move upon our return. BUT it is getting close and we are so excited :).



At the same time our hearts and prayers are daily with the people of West Africa, especially Sierra Leone where we lived and worked for so many years and Sandra is still working. The Ebola virus is affecting so many families/lives. Please join us in prayer for Nations to step up to the plate and start reaching out, not only with finances but also with qualified medical people. My request to you who are reading this. Please join us in prayer.

One thought on “From Haiti to Texas to The Netherlands

  1. Kevin Wesley McCabe

    I miss ya’ll. Enjoy your time with family, but in my selfish self I have to say, “Hurry home.” Not the same here without you.

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