Almost there… yet the last mile is the longest!

Hope Force Haiti HouseWhats happening with us in Haiti.

The Hope Force Haiti House, though not completed, is already beautiful in our eyes. The reality of our long held dream to live in and among the people of greater Sous Savanne is approaching reality. The thought of no longer having to make the 2.5 hour commute and all the associated stress seems almost too good to be true. The ability to live and work in and among the people–yet able to retreat to our home–will no doubt bring an all-new depth of relationship and impact.

The day of new beginnings is in sight — but as many of you know, the last mile is the longest! As is often the case when building a new home, there have been unexpected costs and unforeseen complications. This process is all the more true in a place like Haiti where building materials tend to rise on a weekly basis.

We are experiencing a shortfall to complete the Hope Force Haiti House. Maybe you like to donate financially, or maybe you like to buy something from our needs listΒ  and hopefully you will join us in prayer.

We are so close!

Kids having fun

One thought on “Almost there… yet the last mile is the longest!

  1. Connie Hasty

    Beautiful house! Can’t believe how far it is along now and at the same time, can’t believe it is only that far…Let us know what else is needed to be funded.
    I think I see Natasha’s kids in the first pic??
    Sold half the ornaments at the first sale and will take them onto the August sale. Everyone is amazed by them.

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