What happened the first week of July?

VBS and manna packs

After some exciting VBS times the kids loved their meal

Haiti House July 7-2014-sm

Thanks to Westgate Church Atlanta GA. The roof is almost done, soon we will be able to move into our house, Some finances are still needed to see the project finished.

Walk through the village

Before take off the next morning, one more village walk.

2 thoughts on “What happened the first week of July?

  1. yvette smallwood

    Hi Marianne, I hope all is well! I’ve been following you on FB. It’s nice to see you and Renee enjoying your grandchildren. I still miss Haiti, my experience their was life changing and sponsoring a child and given donations was just not enough for me. My daily prayer is that I hope God will provide an open opportunity for me to stay in Haiti for an extended period of time and do his well, where every I’m needed such as serving, Healing while spreading the Gospel of his Goodness. Wishing you and the people of Sou Savanna. Much Love and Many Blessing (Yvette)

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