One of those days …


It happens to the best of us. Today, well really it started yesterday, was one of those days, wondering “Why are we doing what we are doing?”. Yet to be honest, I did get through it and am now at the other end. Knowing that I am doing what I am doing; “So that those who can not stand up or speak for themselves, will have a voice”. And in it and through it they will feel/sense the love of a Heavenly Father who cares and has not forgotten any single one of them. To be honest, that changed my mood. So here we are on Saturday afternoon, while the world is watching the World Cup Soccer, we went for a run this early morning. It was hot though… 28C, for my USA friends about 82F, but as I tell my running friends at times; “the most difficult thing to go for a run is the decision to put on your running shoes, once they are on, you will be happy you went”. It ended up being a good 5miler and I told myself I will continue the race set before me. (Heb 12:1).

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