Giving this a try. What do you think?

ImageAs we are still trying to figure out what the best possible way of communication is, we’ll see if this blog might work. Lets us know what you think?

With the World Cup taking place, Rene enjoys watching some games at Johan’s place. And what a game the Dutchies played the other night.  It was fun connecting through what’s app with our kids all over the world when yet another goal made it. Living this international lifestyle makes us all appreciate modern technology.

Besides soccer  we continue to be  busy preparing for a small team arriving later next week. Also the building of our own little home continues and we are almost ready for the roof to be installed.

Okay so far for today. Have a wonderful week ahead.



3 thoughts on “Giving this a try. What do you think?

  1. Tineke Visser

    Voor ons werkt dit prima. En ook Douwe kijkt voetbal met whatsapp en facetime onder handbereik. We zijn op vakantie in Kroatiē en aan mij heeft hij niks op voetbalgebied. Dus moet er gecommuniceerd met de zonen in Nederland en de VS, die dat maar al te leuk vinden. Wat is er toch veel veranderd op communicatie gebied, sinds jullie eerste afvaart met de Anastasis! Lieve groeten, (Douwe en) Tineke

  2. Janet

    I would try to read whatever you posted wherever you posted it. I don’t get hung up on where it’s posted. But, I’m easy.

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